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The phrase 'Shelton Washington' receives a significant number of searches monthly (see recent statistics below) and would make a great name for anyone operating a business of any type in the Shelton area. It is ideal for someone in the real estate industry as a large amount of traffic for this type of domain comes from those seeking a place to buy, rent or visit. This premium domain can also be used to drive traffic to an existing website as well.

Although we have long range plans to develop this domain, it is available now for purchase, long term lease or short term rental. We will also entertain a co-develop relationship with an established company.

The name is 'clean' and under a lease or rental agreement it may only be used in 'G' rated ventures (if you purchase it, it is yours to do with as you please).

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SERP TERM-347,000 / SERP SLD-174 / Ads SLD-2 / Overture Term-819

Broad monthly searches are 40,500 at a cost per click of $1.37

EXACT monthly searches are 1,300 at a cost per click of $0.22

(The search data above is archived info that may be up to a year old. Exercise due diligence and check current statistics. The offer starting threshold is not an indicator of a domain names value.)

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